List of the tags that can be inserted in the text


POST /api/login/
Login using your credentials and retrieve the authorization token

GET /api/logout/

GET /api/account/
Retrieve your account information (credits / voice list ...)

PATCH /api/account/
Update your account information

GET POST /api/command/
Send a TTS command to retrieve audio stream or generate an audio file

GET /api/stats/
Retrieve your stats (credit used, number of commands sent ...)

POST /api/password/change/
Update your password

POST /api/password/reset/
Reset your password if you lost it

POST /api/storage/
Upload a file (dictionary / sound) in your storage account folder

GET /api/storage/
Retrieve your files (dictionaries) stored in your account storage folder

DELETE /api/storage/
Remove a dictionary file from your storage account folder

GET POST /api/tos/
Get the Terms of service and Accept/reject them


- Events
Word and viseme positions


- Startup guide
Start using Acapela Cloud Editor

- Import file(s)
How to import text, excel, sound and dictionary files

- Interface settings
Description of the interface, menus, settings, text tags ...


- Startup guide
Start using Acapela Cloud Dictionary

- Share dictionary / Lock entries
Share Acapela Cloud Dictionary

Language Manuals

- How to use dictionary
Import your dictionaries and use them with the API

- How to migrate from Vaas
Migration guide from Vaas to Acapela Cloud API

- How to use with multiple applications
Set a specific application ID to your commands