Acapela Cloud

What for?

Acapela Cloud speech empowers any online application or device.


  • Cost effective and very easy to use, it gives all content a natural (digital) voice.
  • It enables applications and devices to speak and provides an immediate solution to answer all of your needs for Voice-first interface or audio interactivity. We offer a wide range of languages and voices.


Online service

With only a few lines of code, connect to the Acapela Cloud, send the text to be spoken and let the service do its job! Acapela Cloud will instantly generate the voice file that will be played on your applications or devices.


Digital voice talents

Over 30 languages and 100 standard voices are available, 24/7.

Check out the list.


Customizable voice parameters

Acapela Cloud API lets you access all the possibilities of the service.

Easily integrate speech synthesis capability into your application and control every aspect of the voice generation process using various features, parameters, settings and effects.



Prepayment, post-payment and subscription models are available depending on your needs. Our cloud has already handled millions of transactions and is ready to speak volumes. Please contact us for more information.


Key benefits

  • Easy to use and integrate API
  • Reactive & 24/7
  • Using the latest protocols & standards at the highest security levels
  • Generation of voice prompts or real time vocalization
  • Voice control
  • Lexicon support
  • Over 30 languages and 100 voices available as standard